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VINE VOICE on February 18, 2015
Format: Paperback
As a teacher I'm always on the lookout for quality educational materials that can be used both in class, and by my students for at home practice. This Summer Bridge Activities book caught my eye because it is targeted for students to be used during their traditional three month summer vacation, and bridges the gap between two grades by reviewing skills learned in the previous grade, and previewing upcoming skills in the next grade.
One of the most challenging times for teachers is working through the beginning of the year assessments, when teachers must determine how impactful the summer months have been to each students educational progress. The "summer slide" can significantly impact a students readiness for the next grade. However, with parent involvement & a little organized study time this slide can be minimized if not prevented. Summer can be an opportunity for learning that can really benefit a child's readiness for the next school year.
Each bridging grade practice book is very well made, the quality of the paper and cover are excellent, with the paper a proper weight & smoothness with strong clear colors and font styles. Each comes with a skills matrix that is easy to follow and informative. In addition, there's a summer reading list of excellent literature that is age appropriate and can be found on most teacher's must read list for a well rounded student. This is literature that parents will enjoy reading to their child, or for guiding young readers through.

Mary Ann-Principal
I’m an elementary principal, and my own three sons are using them. OUTSTANDING!  
As a veteran teacher this is a book I wish my students had each summer. The material is outstanding! What a great way for kids to learn and grow!

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