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Stay Sharp Online/Offline Program

Students or parents enter in the date/s that activity occurred whether it is daily or weekly. Each minute is worth one point. Add in a note ex: Name of book and pages read. Click on the submit button and presto, point totals change. List of activities done and dates are recorded and can be printed out to bring back to school in the fall to show their teachers.

Messages are sent by administrator of the Challenge to congratulate students. Sometimes, like around and on the 4th of July messages will be sent to remind them of fireworks safety rules or about an event on TV. Notifications of new contest questions for additional points will also be sent.

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Stay Sharp Summer  Challenge

starting on June 12, 2017

Students and their parents can see how many points have been achieved on this screen in all categories. They can also download a certificate in color or black and white for printing which shows their total points accumulation.

What Parent’s Need to Know about the

Stay Sharp Summer Challenge

And How to get Your School Involved


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