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Summer Striver®  Bookmark Program is an Optional Program to Help Motivate Students to use their Summer Weekdays to Increase their Love of Learning and Achievement

  1. Program is optional for students.
  2. Program is recommended as a way to keep kids learning through the long summer months.
  3. Students have a choice of many activities.
  4. Students or parents fill out each rectangle with a code for the activity.
  5. Students can do any activity as many times as they want or choose a variety of them.
  6. Recommended time for a daily activity is between 15 and 30 minutes.
  7. School or PTA decides if their is a reward for completion, such as a extra period of free time outside etc.

Activity Codes


RB=Reading Book

RA=Reading Article

EG=Educational Game

WJ=Writing Journal

WS=Writing Story

TVDS=TV Documentary Science

TVDA=TV Documentary Animals

TVDH=TV Documentary History

IAC=Internet Activity Coding

IAS=Internet Activity Science

IAH=Internet Activity History

CPT=Create Project Travel

CPN=Create Project Neighborhood/Village

MAPN=Make Map of Neighborhood to Scale

MATHS=Keep Scorecard of Game

MATHDA=Keep Track of Minutes Spent on Everything Done for a Day

OA=Come up with Other Activities not Included in this list


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The Summer Striver Bookmark Program

Will Increase Love of Learning & Achievement This Summer
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